An 8-minute aural spelunk into the deep caverns of Blind Willie Johnson’s Gospel Delta Swamp Funk Slide

PBATNB_Hermitage_Still1See that article headline? That’s how that’s supposed to read. But when I first “wrote” the line, I actually spoke it. Into my iPhone. And here is what my iPhone actually created:

And eight minutes are all Spallone into the deep caverns of blind Willie Johnson’s delta gospel swamp donkey

And so with that, I give you some delta gospel swamp donkey:

What this actually is, is footage from a performance at the Hermitage Brewing Company, as part of their 6th annual MEET THE BREWERS CRAFT BEER FESTIVAL (you can read a brief review of the event here).

I adore playing this song; the melody line is just canonical, the groove is so insidious, the lyrics are just haiku-zen-blues perfect, and it’s transporting to perform it. I’ve been playing this song for 20+ years, and it moves me as much now as it ever did. God may or may not move on the water, but Blind Willie moves on me.


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