Live Blues, Every Night

You know you got a good town when you got a good place that’s got good blues, every night.



Ain’t so many of these around any more: Live Blues, 7 Nights A Week. I’m awful grateful we’ve got one of ’em right here in this town. Aptos St. BBQ.

Live Blues. Every Night.

How ’bout you? You got a blues club in yer town? Place that’s got blues every night? If you do, let me know, yeah? I’d like to say thank you.

And as to you? Well, go on down and drop a fiver in somebody’s kitty soon as you can, and tell ’em it’s from Preacher Boy. Thank you.


Lovely night tonight. Some family came down to hang out. A lil’ 17-month ol’ girl by the name of Charlotte came and danced. I tried a new song out and didn’t f&*K it up too bad. And best of all, my ol’ mate Captain Ahab from The Useless Bastards came down and squoze some box. Always a treat. The man’s a bloody genius.

What a band that was, The Useless Bastards …


If you’ve never heard the inspired Americana-Mayhem that was the Bastards in their cups, I offer you the following: a recording of a tune called “My Ruby Mandolin” … written about … a ruby mandolin. Which was bought for me by my lovely missus in Galway, when we was livin’ in lovely County Clare … Anyhow, here’s the Bastards in all our glory: Park Miller, Preach, Bullpork, Sinnerman, and Captain Ahab:

 My Ruby Mandolin


As to the songs we actually played tonight at the BBQ …


… this one hyperlinked below was a particular favorite of mine; a not-yet-released-ever-on-an-album rarity called “Down The Drain.” You can listen to it by clicking the link:

Down The Drain, live at Aptos St. BBQ, with Jonathan “Captain Ahab” Dryden on Accordion

And here’s another lil’ blast from the Bastards past. This is a live version of Down The Drain from all the way back in 2002. The show was at The Knitting Factory, and I had the pleasure of bein’ on the bill to support my good friend Park Miller — of Useless Bastards fame — who’s band Miller’s Farm was celebrating an album release that night. Park sings harmony on the tune, and I am joined by some other unbelievable talents as well, including Jim Campilongo on guitar, Tim Luntzel on bass, and Brian Fay on the drums. Check it out:

“Down The Drain” live at The Knitting Factory, NYC

What a night that was …


The point being: Love your local. Live Blues. Every Night. Amen. Goodnight.

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