365 Days of Album Recommendations – Feb 28

Irma Thomas – Wish Someone Would Care


It’s Fat Tuesday, so who else BUT the Soul Queen of New Orleans would I recommend?

This was her album debut, and it goes all the way back to 1964, on the Imperial record label. 1964! She got her first Grammy in 2007. For best Contemporary Blues Album. The same award that Fantastic Negrito just won for his sophomore release.

An award Keb Mo’ has won … 3 times.

Go figure …

Awards aside, this debut is a remarkably important album in musical history. Not only does it introduce us to one of the most under-rated yet incredible soul vocalists of all time, but it also re-introduces us to the song Time Is On My Side, which was originally done by Kai Winding in ’63. Irma gives it a whole new, soul’d up treatment, which would in turn be borrowed by a few English lads by the name of The Rolling Stones for their version, released in ’64 as well.

So yes, listen to Time On My Side, of course. But also check out some of her other amazing re-imaginings, like her take on While The City Sleeps, or Without Love, There Is Nothing. Her voice is just killer everywhere.

She’s the Soul Queen of New Orleans for damn good reasons, and it all starts right here..

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