365 Days of Album Recommendations – March 24

The Yardbirds – For Your Love


I got a thing about The Yardbirds. I just really dig ’em.

This was their American debut, and it came out at a time when Eric Clapton was on his way out, and Jeff Beck was on his way in.

It’s got so many of my fave Yardbirds tunes, and they’re all rave-uppy delicious.

Particularly delightful are their takes on Mose Allison’s I’m Not Talkin’ and Calvin Carter’s I Ain’ Got You. But surely the best of all is their version of Ernie K-Doe’s priceless track A Certain Girl.

Even Putty is a gem.

Now maybe, just maybe I could live w/out them doing My Girl Sloopy. But if that’s the price we pay to get the proto-garage jam that is I Ain’t Done Wrong, then I’ll willingly fork my ducats over.

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