365 Days of Album Recommendations – Apr 5

Robert Wilkins – The Original Rolling Stone


Before he was Reverend Robert Wilkins of “Prodigal Son” fame (see: The Rolling Stones), he was Robert Wilkins, the “Original Rolling Stone” (see: The Rolling Stones & Muddy Waters). And WHEN he was Robert Wilkins the Original Rolling Stone, he was one of the curiouser voices, players, and songwriters in the whole country blues canon.

To discover this, one need only to actually LISTEN to his performances of Rollin’ Stone (parts 1 & 2), which together comprise some of the spookiest, moodiest, vibey-iest recordings ever made. I mean, these things are creepy … unprecedentedly cool, and definitely creepy …

That’s No Way To Get Along is of course the secular predecessor to the afore-mentioned Prodigal Son, and its mix of moodiness and bounce forms a bridge between Rollin’ Stone and the crazy upbeat swing of Old Jim Canan’s …

Don’t miss this chance to go beyond Muddy Waters, and learn something truly magical about the history of this great music …

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