365 Days of Album Recommendations – Apr 14

Dock Boggs – Country Blues : Complete Early Recordings


Listening to the early recordings of Dock Boggs ought to disabuse you of a few key misconceptions:

Country Blues is NOT weird or creepy music. Scratch that. This shit is WEIRD.

The banjo is not cool. Nix. This shit is COOL.

Sugar Baby is a sweet thing to call someone. Nope. You’ll never use the term the same way again.

White people can’t play country blues. Wrong. Dock Boggs can.


Important to note, that this is an instance where you HAVE to find the original early recordings. Boggs’ “rediscovery”-era tracks just ain’t the same.

This collection is the one you want. The 60+ pages of liner notes are worth the price of admission. Tracks like Sugar Baby, Country Blues, Pretty Polly, Danville Girl—they’ll all blow your mind.


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