365 Days of Album Recommendations – May 2

DI3 – Torch


I’m continuing on with my week of totally biased album recommendations, and offer today my second selection: Torch, by DI3.

Dave Isaacs is a staggeringly accomplished guitarist, songwriter, and singer. He’s based in Nashville now, where even amongst a sea of guitar players, he’s managed to stand out. I met him back when we both lived in New York, and I’ve been a fan ever since.

So I was especially overjoyed when Dave elected to cover a song of mine on this album. DI3 used to be The Dave Isaacs Trio, but as their “swamp-rock” evolved, the unit blossomed into a full and equal partnership, and DI3 became the official name of the ensemble.

The tune they cover here is the Preacher Boy tune “Nehemiah James,” but honestly, “cover” isn’t really the right word, as in this talented trio’s hands, the song is fully re-imagined, and becomes something altogether different. I remain deeply honored that they chose my song for this wonderful album.

The version here is slinky, sexy, jazzy, smoky, and insidiously groovy. It’s sort of like Mark Knopfler having a go at Stray Cut Strut with one of Tom Wait’s 70s era rhythm sections. Or Richard Thompson takin’ a turn with Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby backed by Billy Martin and Chris Wood.

To get some additional flavor of what the album has on offer, check out Some Things Don’t Burn, for its Copperhead Road-esque straight up roots rock, and Swamp Hog Blues for … well … for pretty much what you’d expect from a title like that!

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