365 Days of Album Recommendations – May 4

Colin Brooks – Blood and Water


I first met Colin Brooks at the Durango Songwriter’s Conference in the late 90s. Seeing him for the first time was one of those moments that make you want to call your mother, because clearly you have a brother you didn’t know you had.

At the time, he had just released an album called “Chipping Away At The Promised Land,” which is just a stunning album. It contains a song called “Nobody” which is quite simply one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.

We would end up living near one another in Brooklyn just a couple years later. We shared many bills together, and I played bass for him for quite some time.

In short, we became extremely close musical partners–writing, recording, and performing together. But I was always a fan first. I still am.

As all things do, things changed. He ended up in Austin, the missus and I landed in Chicago. He would go on to found the very successful Band of Heathens, but not before this record came out.

This is another simply staggering musical accomplishment. Colin is just SO bloody good. I am exceptionally proud to have co-written Wheels on the Ground with Colin, because I think it’s just so, so, so beautiful. It’s beautiful because of him. I just helped a little bit.

Please listen to this record. Colin Brooks is out there. My brother. His music. It’s so, so, so good.

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