365 Days of Album Recommendations – May 10

The Clash – The Clash


Because EVERY studio album from The Clash (except, of course, for Cut the Crap) will be on this list. And this is the first one. So here you go.

Favorite song on this one? Do I have to pick? Ok. (White Man) in Hammersmith Palais.

4 responses to “365 Days of Album Recommendations – May 10

  • Darren

    My next point is that the Clash album you mention was the US release which came out a year after the original pressing. Yeah it has more like a compilation album adding the popular radio friendly tracks; Whiteman and I fought the law but it lacked the punk urgency and power that it had the first time round. Especially with the exclusion of “Cheat” which was one of the albums best tracks IMHO.


    • pbistyping

      Totally agree re: Cheat! I recommended the US version entirely for selfish emotional reasons; it’s the version I owned first!


  • Darren

    I love your blog. There are some great albums here but as a long time Clash fan I just had to comment. Why does everyone get snobby about “Cut the crap”? I get it Mick and Topper was no longer there, but Mick’s influence was. It was the mid 80’s and it felt very much like it does when your favourite team comes off a major winning streak and suddnly can’t make the finals anymore. There was a real dearth of great albums from that time. Drum machines and over production was the de rigueur. Punk had been around for nearly a decade, it was the time of Metal crossover. It was thankfully also the burgeoning period of alternative, university rock bands which would in the near future become Grunge. The true tragedy is that Joe never got a chance to re master the album, which was truly fucked up by Bernie Rhodes’ mixing. There are some great songs on CTC you just have to black out Bernie’s influence. I suggest you go back and give it another listen.


    • pbistyping

      That’s a great comment, and I thank you for it! I also apologize if I sounded snobby about Cut the Crap, and I should have enunciated my disclaimer more thoroughly; the reason I disinclude it isn’t because it’s bad album per se, it’s because I just don’t really consider it to be a Clash album; or at least, I don’t really consider it to be part of the “official” Clash canon. I wish they’d released it as a solo album from Strummer, and yes, let him remix it!


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