365 Days of Album Recommendations – May 18

Tracy Chapman – Our Bright Future


I first saw Tracy Chapman live on the heels of the “Fast Car” days; when she single-handedly and in solo fashion completely devastated 50 billion people at an Amnesty International concert in the late 80s. I was stunned. She was so good. Springsteen. Sting. Peter Gabriel. Nope. Don’t remember any of them. Tracy Chapman? Yep. Remember her.

That said, at at time, I didn’t love the debut. But I watched her. I knew she was good. When this album came out, I was sold. “I Did It All.” That did my head in. It’s not everyone can write their own “I Did It My Way” and get away with it.

As far as I know, this is actually Tracy Chapman’s most recent album, despite being released nearly a decade ago. So, go get the new Tracy Chapman. And spin up “I Did It All.” And bask in the mastery of a master. She’s that good.

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