365 Days of Album Recommendations – May 31

Skip James – Greatest of the Delta Blues Singers


This is a KILLER 180g vinyl reissue of some of Skip James’ very first recordings after being “rediscovered” in the 60s.

The recordings were made in 1964 in the home of Richard Spottswood, and the album features a song that is a REALLY important one in the history of country blues music.

The song is generally titled Washington D.C Hospital Center Blues (tho variations exist on different compilations), and if ever you doubted that country blues musicians were great songwriters and composers, or if you ever thought that no new material was being written after the “rediscoveries,” then this is the song that will prove you wrong.

It was a new song, an original song, and it spoke directly to Skip’s life and experiences at the time. On top of that, it’s bloody brilliant, and beautiful.

In the hospital, now
In Washington D.C.
Ain’t got nobody
To see about me
But I’m a good man
But I’m a poor man
You understand


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