365 Days of Album Recommendation – June 2

Leon Redbone – Champagne Charlie


I picked this up on vinyl this weekend at a local LP sale for $2! This, and the previously recommended On The Track. Man, I am a happy guy!

This is #3 in the long, strange, and delightful saga of one Leon Redbone.

Objectively, it is neither as brilliantly conceived as On The Track, nor as song-strong and eclectic as Double Time, but it carves an important niche for itself all the same, and is probably the most charmingly, self-consciously, and romantically “old-time” of his early releases, evoking barbershop and vaudeville as much as it does blues, jazz, and ragtime.

It’s probably also his most croonerly release as well, as is comparatively light on the vocal noisemaking that features more prominently on other LPs.

“Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now)” and “I Hate A Man Like You” are the stand-out tracks for me, tho his mournful take on Jimmie Rodgers’ “T.B. Blues” is epic as well. Highly recommended listening!

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