365 Days of Album Recommendations – June 7

Mance Lipscomb – Vol. 5, Pure Texas Country Blues


As far as I’m concerned, every single thing Mance Lipscomb ever recorded was perfect. And his “oral autobiography” I Say Me For A Parable is one of the greatest books I’ve ever read.

So I’ll get around to recommending pretty much everything of his if I can manage it.

But today, I caught myself thinking about this particular album, and so I’m recommending it!

I was thinking about it today because: a) the version of “Evil Blues” that I recorded for The National Blues is based on his performance from this album, and b) because this album features one of the simplest songs ever in the history of country blues music, that also happens to be awesome. It’s called “I Just Hang Down My Head And I Cry.” And it’s awesome.

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