365 Days of Album Recommendations _ June 13

Bill Withers – Just As I Am


Anytime you want to talk about devastatingly, mind-blowingly, earth-shatteringly perfect debut albums, you just call me up, and we’ll talk about Just As I Am by Bill Withers.

Because this album is UNBELIEVABLE.

This album would be amazing no matter when on a timeline it was released. It would have been amazing in the bloody Middle Ages, and it will be amazing in the year 2525.

Yes, yes, Ain’t No Sunshine. But you know what? It’s STILL a fucking amazing song.

And Grandma’s Hands? You can’t tell me nothin’ about that song, unless you tell me it’s a fucking amazing song.

The man even managed to make Let It Be sound good. That qualifies you as a mother-fucking WIZARD in my book.

If you don’t own this album, shame on you.

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