365 Days of Album Recommendations – June 19

Ted Hawkins – The Final Tour


Not many artists disappear into self-imposed obscurity virtually immediately after receiving a 5-star review in Rolling Stone, but that’s what Hawkins did. It was a disappearing act he performed many times over in his peripatetic life. Sometimes it was because he was in trouble—heroin, jail, etc. Other times, he just didn’t like the scrutiny.

The rich and famous kept on tryin’ to “discover” him, but he kept outwitting them.

Life caught up tho, and death took him at just 58. Fortunately, we have this album from him, recorded just before he passed. The first 2/3 of the album are from a set at McCabe’s in Santa Monica, not far from Venice Beach, where he played on the streets for decades. He’s in great form on these performances, my favorite of which is Bring It On Home Daddy …

We still miss ya Ted.

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