365 Days of Album Recommendations – June 20

Elmore James – Slide Order of the Blues, The Singles As & Bs 1952-1962


You would think, being a slide player, that I’d love Elmore James for his slide playing. But that’s not really what gets me about Elmore. Too little credit has been given to his vocals over the years, but honestly, that’s what slays me the most about his sound.

His voice just has this really crazy, on-the-edge character to it that’s totally wild. Whether it’s soul-blues classics like Sho’ Nuff I Do, where you get the rougher, shouting side of his thing, or that high, breaking wail you hear on something like I Held My Baby Last Night, his voice just has such presence, and it hits me every time I hear it.

Don’t cut me wrong. That fuzzy, cutting slide thing of his was killer. But the voice is somethin’ else altogether …

This is a great collection that covers all the necessary stuff, and it’s another outstanding remaster job by Jasmine.

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