365 Days of Album Recommendations – July 19

Junior Wells – Hoodoo Man Blues


I came to this album late.

By the time I got my head around to wrappin’ my head around this insane album, Buddy Guy had come out with Damn Right, I’ve Got The Blues, and at the time, I hated that fuckin’ record, and I refused to listen to anything that had anything to do with Buddy Guy.

I regret that now, of course, because it prevented me from fully appreciating this insane album.

To be totally honest, I still don’t love Buddy Guy’s playing on this album (tho when he’s not calling attention to himself by overplaying, he’s quite good). But now, instead of being distracted by what I don’t like about what he’s doing, I can focus on what Junior Wells is doing. And my lord, what Jr. Wells is doing!

As I listen to this album while I type this, what really knocks me out is Wells’ voice. Jesus, that lil’ break he puts on his voice. That cool-as-fuck vibrato. That rough ol’ roar. The lispy rasp when he hits the tube mic too hard … Jesus, it’s incredible. Insane.

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