365 Days of Album Recommendations – Aug 2

Blind Willie McTell – Classic Years: 1927-1940 (Disc 1)


Bob Dylan said it. I agree with it. That settles it.

No one can sing the blues like Blind Willie McTell

And, no one can remaster the blues like JSP.

I think I own every single country blues remaster project that JSP has ever done. I love ’em that much.

And yes, I’m reviewing the set a disc at a time, cuz there’s just too much good stuff on each one.

Disc: 1
1. Writin’ Paper Blues
2. Stole Rider Blues
3. Mama, ‘Tain’t Long Fo’ Day
4. Mr. McTell Got The Blues
5. Mr. McTell Got The Blues
6. Three Women Blues
7. Dark Night Blues
8. Statesboro Blues
9. Loving Talking Blues
10. Atlanta Strut
11. Travelin’ Blues
12. Come On Around To My House Mama
13. Kind Mama
14. Teasing Brown
15. Drive Away Blues
16. This Is Not The Stove To Brown Your Bread
17. Love Changing Blues
18. Talkin’ To Myself
19. Razor Ball
20. Southern Can Is Mine
21. Broke Down Engine Blues
22. Stomp Down Rider
23. Scarey Day Blues

Yeah, everybody knows Statesboro Blues, because of the version by The Allman Brothers. But that version sucks. At least, as a “version” it does. On its own, it’s a personally reasonable song. But as a “version” of the Willie McTell song, it sucks. If you get my drift.

And anyhow, what about Mama, ‘Tain’t Long Fo’ Day? If that song don’t break your heart, your heart must be dead.

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