365 Days of Album Recommendations – Aug 4

Blind Lemon Jefferson –  The Complete Classic Sides Remastered: Atlanta & Chicago 1926 Disc B


Oh, JSP remasters, are you the gift that keeps on giving? Oh, yes you are!

We recommended Disc A back in about March, and now, finally, we get ourselves on to the almighty Disc B!

Which is a tour de force, right from the start. Check out song 1-3

  1. Black Snake Moan
  2. Match Box Blues
  3. Easy Rider Blues

Pretty much the history of the blues in a nutshell, right there. And if that weren’t enough, check out the 3 songs Disc B concludes with!

21. See That My Grave’s Kept Clean
22. One Dime Blues
23. Lonesome House Blues

Hopefully needless to say by now, but Disc B is a motherfucker.

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