365 Days of Album Recommendations – Aug 18

Koko Taylor – Koko Taylor


This may be one of the funniest pairings of album cover to album content in the history of music—this LP cover CERTAINLY does not prepare one for the raw onslaught of vocal power it contains etched into its grooves.

From the moment Chess Records and Koko Taylor came together, the world of music would never be the same.

Of course we know these recordings for Koko’s version of “Wang Dang Doodle,” and a listen this morning confirm the track is just as ferocious as ever, but there are so many other amazing tracks here as well: “Don’t Mess With The Messer” and “Insane Asylum” being but two of my favorites (the latter with Willie Dixon), and honestly, if the groove on “Love You Like A Woman” don’t make your booty move, then your booty must be dead.

So I’m gonna tell you in plain English
Just as plain as I can
I’m gonna love you like a woman
But also fight you like a man

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