365 Days of Album Recommendations – Aug 20

Slim Harpo – The Excello Singles Anthology


Surely you know him from other folks’ versions of his performances—The Rolling Stones & The Yarbirds, just to name a pair—but have you heard his versions? You best, if you haven’t …

Start with Got Live If You Want It; shit is just extremely cool. And def. check the groove on Shake Your Hips; it’s the Dead Sea Scrolls for about 10,000 of the faithful … Same can be said for I’m A King Bee, Baby Scratch My Back, Mohair Sam, and so many more …

This man is straight up hip to the core. A study in cool. To me, a hepper, more subversive, sexier Jimmy Reed … mind you, I love Jimmy Reed. But when this cat is walkin’ down my dreamstreet, I just fall in behind, no questions asked …

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