365 Days of Album Recommendations – Aug 21

The Kinks – The Kink Kontroversy


I find that in general, I really love what are often considered to be “transitional” albums; those works that mark turning and/or maturing points in the careers of great artists; those works where the youthful rawness is still there, but the craft starts showing through as well, the thoughtfulness, the eye for detail …

I think this release definitely ranks as a great “transition” album for The Kinks, from their early Muswell Hill-meets-Punk Blues albums, to their later, higher-concept releases like Something Else and Village Green Preservation Society.

The big single from this album packed quite a 1-2 punch; A-side was Till The End Of The Day, B-side was Where Have All The Good Times Gone—two of my fave all-time Kinks cuts.

All in all, this is what I believe we generally like to think of as being an IMPORTANT album.

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