365 Days of Album Recommendations – Nov 6

Lone Justice – Lone Justice


It’s almost shocking today, to read the story of Lone Justice. That the band’s debut failed to make significant waves commercially is clear proof that the music industry and those who subsidize it (i.e. us, the music-buying public) have always been stupid as fuck.

U2 brought them on tour. Rolling Stone called it one of the best albums ever made. Tom Petty and Mike Campbell co-wrote for the record. Jimmy Iovine produced. They were signed to Geffen, thanks to the support of Linda Ronstadt. The “big single” was “Sweet Sweet Baby,” a more-than-satisfyingly strong song.

In short, what the hell more do you want?

And still, the record failed to crack the Top 50. (Alright, well, it actually made 49 in the UK). And the band basically broke up.* And that was it. Snuffed out.


If you’re not familiar, definitely do yourself a favor and check this out. Better late than never!

note: different incarnations of the band hung on a bit longer, and singer Maria McKee continues to have a solo career.

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