365 Days of Album Recommendations – Nov 11

Sade – Diamond Life


Many styles, trends, individuals, and groups have followed in the wake of this remarkable debut, and much can be attributed to its influence.

What’s perhaps most remarkable is a) how long ago this album was actually released (33 ago), and b) how much we’ve progressed since (not much).

I have a daughter, and I’m pro-girl-power all the way, and I’m always on the lookout for heroes. But before proceeding, let me note something important: I don’t think your heroes have to be like you to be your heroes, so I sure as fuck don’t think my girl’s heroes have to be girls.

That said, the rock n’ roll world is short on role models if you’re a girl, so I’m on the lookout for heroes all the same. So when shit like Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga are getting offered up, I go running for the shadows.

Or, rather, I go running for Sade. Cuz she’s a case study in how to be cool.


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