365 Days of Album Recommendations – Nov 20

Burning Spear – Marcus Garvey


Don’t ya just look around sometimes, and think to yourself, “Sigh, I miss revolutionary music.”

I mean, fucking seriously! I don’t mean to be the old man condemning the younger generations, but Jesus H. Chris on a rubber crutch, what happened???

The Clash. Public Enemy. Phil Ochs. John Coltrane. Ministry. Marvin Gaye. Bob Dylan. Miles Davis. Nina Simone. Gil Scott-Heron. Woody Guthrie. Patti Smith. The MC5. This music sparked fucking righteousness and riots!

Spiritual power. Political power. Musical power. You don’t discover these together very often. When you do, this discovery will never leave you.

From the moment I first heard this album, it has never left me. I don’t listen to a great deal of reggae music. The artists that I love, I love, but I don’t love them for being reggae, I love them for their music. I love this album for its music.

I love it for its revolution.

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