365 Days of Album Recommendations – Nov 22

Neil Young – Harvest


You have to give credit to Neil Young for just goin’ for it at all times. There’s something very pure about that. He sort of epitomizes that “there is no greatness without great risk” ethos. The plus of that approach is that when you nail it, it’s beyond incredible. The down is, of course, that when you miss, you suck.

Neil Young has taken a great many risks over his many-decade career, and man, when he sucks, he SUCKS.

But when he nails it, it’s fucking incredible.

I’ve been trying to write and record Harvest pretty much my whole life. I don’t think I’ve ever made an album where I wasn’t thinking about—and listening to, and evangelizing on behalf of—Harvest at some point. I’ve A-B’d this album against so many mixes in my life, it’s a wonder I actually still have to carry it with me. But carry it I do.

Out on the Weekend. Harvest. Heart of Gold. Old Man. The Needle and the Damage Done. Alabama. A Man Needs a Maid.

That’s a lot of risk, and a lot of song.


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