365 Days of Album Recommendations – Dec 19

Jefferson Airplane – Surrealistic Pillow


There’s no question the 60s gave us some pretty awful music, and there’s no question the various musicians in and/or associated with this band have given us some pretty awful music.

On the other hand, it’s exceedingly difficult to dispute the raw excellence of Somebody To Love, or the total grooviness of White Rabbit.

It also must be noted that, for a short while at least, Grace Slick possessed one of the great rock n’ roll voices. That long, held “love” towards the end of Somebody to Love is one of the great vocal notes of all time.

No matter which was you slice it, this album deserves its place in rock n’ roll history, and as such, you can’t much claim to understand the full scope of what rock n’ roll can offer, w/out understanding this album as well.

Highly recommended on vinyl, by the way!


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