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365 Days of Album Recommendations – March 16

Alvin Youngblood Hart – Big Mama’s Door


The mid-90s were a wonderful, brave, exciting, and brazen time for its early resurgence of interest in country blues music. Corey Harris was coming out with his first music. Chris Whitley had only just arrived on the scene. G. Love was just starting to make waves with his version of the thing. The Loved Ones were bringin’ that Yardbirds touch to it all. Kelly Joe Phelps had just released his debut. Yours truly debuted on Blind Pig Records with Preacher Boy & The Natural Blues.

And then along came Alvin Youngblood Hart, and just blew us all away.

There will be a great deal more to say about Alvin across these 365 days, as his journey has taken him all over the musical map, but for now, for today, just check him out at the core of his roots.

Pony Blues and When I Was A Cowboy are amazing, but for kicks, start with Hillbilly Willie’s Blues.

And let Alvin kick yer door down.

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