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365 Days of Album Recommendations – Apr 16

16 Horsepower – 16 Horsepower


Well, it’s Easter—for all intents and purposes a Christian holiday, so I figured I ought to recommend something biblical. Thus, 16 Horsepower, the greatest fire-and-brimstone Gothic Americana band ever.

This was their first EP. It’s not their masterpiece, but it’s bloody fuckin’ incredible. This, Sackcloth and Ashes, and Low Estate have had such an influence on my conception, and I really can’t recommend their music enough.

You can take a pass on tracks 4 & 6, but as to the rest, prepare to be supremely moved by the haunting gospel ferocity of 16 Horsepower.

Get the spirit today, people. Get it.

Recommended track to start with: Coal Black Horses

Just as sure as that suns gonna shine
When he comes at his table I will dine

Just as sure as that dog’s gonna whine
In my heart no longer will I pine

Just as sure as by evil you are torn
The sky will open up an an angel blow his horn
An down come Jesus lookin’ so fine
Just as sure as that girl she is mine….
An I say

Hey hey hey it’s always forever
Hey hey hey it’s never or now

I dug a hole an hollowed it out
Yes an I fell in
Oh lord I’m caught in the cord….
The cord of my own sin

Shoot ’em up cowboy – yeah I got away
But I been dragin’ this chain the whole way…..
An I say

Hey hey hey it’s always forever
Hey hey hey it’s never or now

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