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365 Days of Album Recommendations – Dec 4

Cab Calloway & His Orchestra – The Early Years: 1930 – 1934


I just don’t think you can overestimate just HOW good Cab Calloway was, how gifted he was, how incredible his band was, how influential he was …

Yes, we’ve all heard Minnie the Moocher, but honestly, the original begs many, many, many more listens … don’t dismiss it for its familiarity. It’s just fucking great.

But my God, listen to what they do to St. James Infirmary—could anything be so hip?

Have you heard he and the orchestra do Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea? Jesus, what a hoot …

And don’t get me started on The Honeydipper … man, if THAT don’t get ya up and dancin’, then I just can’t fix yer butt …

And as to this particular release, these are JSP remasters. So dig, yer in flavor country!


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