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Revealed! The Top 3 Album Recommendations for Jan 2017


31 album recommendations made in January, and now, as of February 1, the Top 3 recommendations—based on a combination of total views, social shares, and social media engagement—can be revealed!

3rd place: Muddy Waters – Rare and Unissued!


The snap and snarl of it. The muscularity. The gritty poetry of it. The groove. The everything. It just grabs your face and says, I am real.

2nd place: Beverly “Guitar” Watkins – Don’t Mess With Miss Watkins


“…real Lightnin’ Hopkins lowdown blues. I would call that hard classic blues, hard stompin’ blues, you know… railroad smokin’ blues!”

That’s how Beverly “Guitar” Watkins describes her sound. And that’s about all you need to know.


And now, the #1 most popular album recommendation (so far!) for January 2017 …

Manifesto Mix Tape Vol. 1


This, the 3rd annual compilation from legendary DJ Greg Lonesome—host of The Rock n’ Roll Manifesto—is a celebration of those days when creating a custom mix tape was exactly that, a Manifesto. A personal statement of belief.


Thank you for your interest and engagement so far, congratulations to our winners, and let’s get ready for 28 days of #AlbumRecommendations in February!


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