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365 Days of Album Recommendations – Feb 7

Guitar Slim – I Got Sumpin’ For You


On this day in 1959, the world bid farewell to the man known as Guitar Slim.
If you heard tell of someone called “Limber Leg,” well, that was him.
We were lucky that we had him, and we’ve grieved since he’s been gone.
Produced by Brother Ray, covered by Stevie Ray Vaughan.

His career was awful, short, it’s true.
But he gave us “The Things I Used To Do.”
He was born in Greenwood, don’t you know …
But he’s buried in Thibodaux.

Those howlin’ wild vocals, and the guitar, all distorted—
some of the very first times that kind of thing was ever recorded.
Tonight, in honor of his memory, turn your lights down dim,
and put on a lil’ sumpin’ from Guitar Slim.

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