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365 Days of Album Recommendations – Oct 17

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Willy and the Poor Boys


Having already recommended Green River at an earlier point in the series, my current CCR kick then of necessity skips up to album #4, where we find the lads still churning out some of the greatest rock n’ roll ever produced. You’d think Green River would have left them with nowhere to go but significantly down—instead, we get another masterpiece, headlined by “Down on the Corner,” one of the all-time CCR greats.

The album also of course contains “Fortunate Son,” which rightly takes its place among the ranks of many an angry “protest” song, though it does so without a hint of dogmatism or self-righteousness.

Add to that one of my favorite CCR “covers” (Cotton Fields), and one of CCR’s eeriest songs (Effigy), and you have yet another amazing rock n’ roll record.

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