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365 Days of Album Recommendations – July 9

Sleepy John Estes – I Ain’t Gonna Be Worried No More 1929-1941


Sleepy John Estes is the greatest country blues lyricist of them all. No one told a better story, no one populated their songs with more local truth, no one else’s songs had more real-life characters in them, no one else so directly, masterfully, beautifully, immediately translated the small daily dramas of everyday life into poignant song.

Add to this astounding ability the most beautifully cracked and weeping voice, and you have one of the genuinely greatest country blues talents ever to record.

Add to THIS that Yank Rachel is the greatest blues mandolin player ever, and he’s on loads of Sleepy John recordings.

And add to THIS that Hammie Nixon is, for my money, the greatest country blues harmonica accompanist ever. And HE was on loads of Sleepy John records.

The Sleepy John lexicon contains what are pure and simply some of the greatest country blues songs ever written, performed, and recorded.

And no one better read this and says fuck all shit about Willie Dixon being the greatest songwriter …

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